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LPG Conversion

Leading Suppliers and installers of cutting edge LPG conversion systems for petrol fueled vehicles

If you are a motorist who is tired of the Government's ever increasing price of petrol, then read on.

Almost any car can be converted to LPG

We Have highly qualified Installers all around the UK
LPG Conversion with the Experts
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(Please note that the LPG conversions we offer are not one day installations that cause so many dissatisfied customers, a good installation takes a little time:-)

e-GAS can
Save you up to 50% of your current fuel costs
Have very little impact on performance
Show little or no difference in drivability
Allow you to switch between both petrol and LPG without
Enhanced LPG mileage over our competitors, using technology only available from e-GAS UK
Reduce your environmental impact by using LPG as your main fuel

One of the finest LPG conversion kits on the market today

Fuel Saving Calculator

Annual mileage

Current MPG
Petrol - pence per litre
LPG - pence per litre

Petrol Cost Per Annum

LPG Cost Per Annum

Saving Per Annum:

The calculations assume a 15% reduction in MPG when using LPG.

Within this website you will find
How LPG and Petrol performance compares.
The main issues & details of LPG
conversion. Why LPG conversion can help the environment & your pocket.
Contact us and find your nearest installer 01758 701 144.

LPG Gas Leak Spray

Leak Detection Spray
for the MOT bay
Conforming to VOSA BS 14291

RX7 & RX8 LPG Conversion ...

   Can we do it.... Yes we can!

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